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The June edition of Grove Innovation included a heads-up on the olive industry communications survey, providing levy payers and wider industry stakeholders with the chance to input into how industry information is shared and received.

The 2019 Communications and Extension Survey is now underway and your participation will help make it a success.

The Australian Olive Association (AOA) operates a communications and extension program for the benefit of our industry. They need your feedback from time to time to help measure the impact the program, and to ensure each of the resources is delivering benefits for producers.

“The survey seeks to find out what people think about our current industry publications, websites, e-communications, field days, workshops, videos and webinars. We also want to know what they would like to see in the future, in terms of improvements and new products and channels,” AOA CEO Greg Seymour said.

“It’s vital we get input from a wide cross-section of industry stakeholders to ensure we continually improve our products and that they are meeting the needs of all sections of the industry.

“So we hope everyone will ‘click through’, and send our thanks in advance for taking part. Your feedback is important in ensuring we continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts.”

The survey closes on 22 July 2019 – please take part now.

All responses remain confidential and completion should only take 5-10 minutes.

Further information on the Olive Industry Communications Survey can be obtained from AOA admin manager Liz Bouzoudis on 0478 606 145 or