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Over the past year, Hort Innovation has been engaged in refreshing the documents that guide the investment of grower levies. The 2022-2026 Strategic Investment Plans (SIPs) for all industry levies are now complete, and are available on the Hort Innovation website.

The olive SIP 2022-2026 is the roadmap that will guide Hort Innovation’s oversight and management of the olive industry’s investment programs over the period. It lays the foundation for decision-making in investments and represents the balanced interest of the whole industry. The important function of the SIP is to ensure that the investment decisions align with olive industry priorities.

The overarching strategic intent of the SIP is to optimise grove productivity and product quality to position Australia as a high-integrity producer of ultra-premium EVOO and table olives, both domestically and internationally.

The document includes:

  • an overview of the Australian olive industry situation in 2019/20;
  • the strategic intent of the olive SIP – a summary of how the industry will drive change over the life of the SIP;
  • financial estimates – an indicative overview of the funding availability for the period of FY2022-FY2026;
  • the four outcome areas of the SIP – significant themes under which programs and investments will be focused;
  • key performance indicators (KPIs), detailing how the impact of each strategy will be measured.

You can download the Olive SIP 2022-2026 here, and access a video explaining how investment decisions are made, and how Strategic Investment Plans and Annual Investment Plans work together to guide levy investment, here.

The accompanying 2021/22 Annual Investment Plans for each industry are also due to be published in December.