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Momentum is building ahead of the October 2018 AOA Conference.

Each month leading up to the event, we will highlight three key-note speakers and outline their presentations.

Linda Costa: Health Benefits of Table Olives

Founder of South African olive enterprise ‘OlivesInFact’ Linda Costa will present on the health benefits of table olives.

It’s a topic Ms Costa has a deep passion for and understanding of, with the combination of family knowledge and formal learning.

Ms Costa spent a decade managing a table olive plant with her father, producing 700 tonnes per acre on the farm she also grew up on.

“My father started the olive processing from scratch, so once his trees were producing well and I had completed my studies in biochemistry and physiology, as well as a Master of Science in Pharmacology, the time was right to join my father to manage the plant,” she said.

“By the time he sold the farm though I knew that the olive industry was my home, so I formed OlivesInFact Pty Ltd.

“I’ve been consulting in all matters olives ever since.”

As part of her presentation to the AOA Conference – ‘Health Benefits of Table Olives’ – Ms Costa will outline the basic principles of table olive processing, such as why it’s not advised to rinse olives for a set amount of time, as well as methods to ensure the tastiest olives possible.

“I will be emphasising the fact that when it comes to olives, we are dealing with a raw fermented product,” Ms Costa said.

“This makes table olives the most amazing probiotic, packaged with a natural prebiotic fibre – what a combo!

“I’ll also cover elements of ensuring the microbiological stability of olives to extend their shelf life.”

Ms Costa says she’s looking forward to travelling to Australia again, after last being in the country more than 15 years ago.

“I did quite a bit of travelling to Australia for a time and visited many farms and processing plants,” she said.

“Hence I am very curious to visit some of those farms again to keep abreast of developments.

“I adore meeting people of equal passion for the industry!”