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Time-saving and informative, a new online tool has been designed to assist growers with navigating the array of ‘biological’ products currently available to their farming business.

The Biological Product Database has been developed as part of the Hort Innovation-funded Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection program, delivered by RM Consulting Group and Applied Horticulture Research, in response to questions from growers about available products.

The easy-to-use platform allows growers to view two databases, which sort biological products by Trade name and by Primary use and trade name respectively. Published in May, the databases will be updated and published regularly as additional information becomes available.

What are ‘biological’ products?

‘Biological’ products (also called ‘biologicals’) are defined as those that are derived from living organisms (plants, animals, microorganisms, fungi). The term encompasses a diverse range of products, and this is a fast-growing segment of agricultural inputs.

Are they registered?

The databases include a column that indicates whether the product is registered by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). If a product is used for crop protection (i.e. used as a biopesticide) it must be registered for use in the crop and situation it is applied in, and will be known as a ‘Biological Crop Protection’ product.

Access the databases here: