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After generating some serious buzz with his ‘Drones in Groves’ presentations at local field days, Michael Thomsett is booked in to appear at The National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition in Wagga Wagga next month.

Mr Thomsett says drones are a highly valuable monitoring tool; providing basic observations and visual aids that are a huge time saver. Growers can better identify and track the health, nutrition and flow patterns of their groves, while locating any drainage or pest and disease issues far more effectively than they can from the ground.

“The more information you have from monitoring, the better. Accumulating images over time gives the capacity to compare across seasons to better observe changes in their groves and make smarter decisions,” said Mr Thomsett.

Field days and conferences provide a great opportunity to educate growers on the benefits and ease of drone use. Mr Thomsett’s presentations provide best practice advice on adhering to CASA drone rules, geo-location software and applications that keep drones within permitted flight areas and following a direct route. Attendees will be able to enjoy a demonstration, beautiful high-definition photos, and hear about innovations that are just around the corner for drones in groves.