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The Olive Wellness Institute’s series of informative webinars has been a huge success, with health professionals and industry members alike signing up to take part in the interactive learning experiences.

There are two more on offer this year, providing the opportunity to explore the science and practices around the health benefits of olive products, with the next scheduled for early October.

Food is Medicine: the use of extra virgin olive oil in clinical practice will be presented on 4 October by Mary Flynn, a research dietitian at The Miriam Hospital and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University in the USA.

The webinar will present the literature on the risk factors for chronic diseases conventionally treated with medicine that can be improved with the use of EVOO, including the minimum amount and time needed to see benefit. It will also discuss which components of extra virgin olive oil provide the health benefits, and the advantages of using extra virgin olive oil in food preparation.

The event is also attracting the interest of health professionals in the USA so the subsequent scheduled time of 6am AEST makes it a pretty early start for Aussies. The OWI team are onto it, though, so the event will be recorded and posted on the OWI website for those not up for a dawn hook-up!

Participation is free. Register here, or if you’re not an early riser, check in here after the event to download and listen at a time which suits.