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The Olive Wellness Institute team has just launched another user-friendly resource – a new FREE e-book on Heart Health.

Assembled by a group of the OWI’s expert health professionals, the book showcases the heart health benefits of the ancient olive tree. It includes the latest information and evidence on the nutrients found in the olive plant and how they help the heart perform at its best.

The content includes:

  • a simple explanation of the cardiovascular system and how it works
  • problems which can occur with the cardiovascular system, and their risk factors
  • tips to improve heart health through diet
  • a close look at olive products and heart health, covering EVOO, olive leaf extract and the Mediterranean Diet

There are also links and references to further information, and a delicious heart-healthy recipe – using plenty of EVOO, of course!

Download the book here – and don’t forget to spread the word!