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A new grower case study hub has been launched on the Hort Innovation website to share grower’s stories and how Hort Innovation investments have made an impact on their work and businesses.

The case studies are industry-specific and present some of the impact that levy investments across R&D, marketing, extension and trade have had on both growers and other participants in the horticulture sector.

The olive industry’s first story is told in “Australian olive growers back code of conduct, making their products synonymous with quality and authenticity”. Featuring Cobram Estate Joint-Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Leandro Ravetti, the case study focusses on the levy project Extending OliveCare® to foster excellence in production of Australian olives (OL17006) and how the program fosters a culture of compliance, fair trading, food safety, quality, and authenticity.

Read the olive case study here and explore all of the industry case studies here.