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Cooking oils need to be removed from the Health Star Rating System and time is running out to have your say.
The survey linked below clearly states why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is healthier than refined oils like canola oil and sunflower oil, even though these oils rank healthier than Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the current system.
AOA CEO also recently gave a great user-friendly explanation on the issue in an interview with Oscar Wills on ABC Riverina’s Breakfast program – listen here.
If you agree, help make this happen by signing the petition and leaving a comment that you think cooking oils should be removed from the Health Star Rating System and why.
Sign the petition here
To post a comment while signing, follow these steps:
Once you have clicked on the survey link above, log into or create a account.
You can leave your comment in the box ‘I’m signing because…’
Once you have added your comment, just press the “Sign this petition” button.