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Levy payers can keep up to date on any developments in the regulatory oversight of crop protection chemicals via the Ag Chemical Updates produced as part of the Hort-Innovation-funded project Regulatory support and co-ordination (pesticides) (MT17019).

The updates provide a summary of various regulatory issues and chemical reviews currently underway, both locally and internationally, including information on developments in ongoing regulatory oversight of relevant chemicals.

For growers, this means a heads-up on chemicals under review and/or likely to be banned, providing the opportunity to research and access alternative products. For exporters, the information on restricted and banned products is vital to ensure your products meet the regulations of your destination countries and markets.

On the national regulatory front, the December 2020 update includes information on APVMA reviews of Chlorpyrifos and the Dithiocarbamate group of chemicals, and a list of new label extensions and registrations.

Download the latest update here.

Previous updates can also be accessed here and you can download the Olive Agrichemical Regulatory Risk Assessment document here.