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Growing Matters is a pilot podcast program series produced by Hort Innovation to provide growers with tangible information, ideas and inspiration to assist on-farm and help to grow your business, all through easy-to-access audio.

The pilot series provides a new way to access information from levy-funded projects, research teams, subject matter experts and other growers, available to listen to whenever it suits – at home, in your car, on your tractor … anywhere you can play a podcast.

Containing advice and tips to use on-farm and help your business grow, the initial six episodes include information on cover cropping, protected cropping, waste management and sustainability.

  • #1 Basics of cover cropping with Dr Kelvin Montagu (9min listen)
  • #2 Link between soil wealth and cover cropping with Dr Kelvin Montagu (12min listen)
  • #3 Waste management practices in the banana industry with Paul Inderbitzin (10min listen)
  • #4 Methods of protected cropping for subtropical climates with Emily Rigby (15min listen)
  • #5 Sustainable banana farming with Matt Abbott (7min listen)
  • #6 Cost effective technologies for improving protected cropping structures with Ross Pirrone (15min)

The play list allows you to select relevant podcast episodes, which you can stream or download individually from the Hort Innovation website, or alternatively from SoundCloud. You can also visit each of the episode pages for more information and to read the podcast transcript.

Access the podcast series from the Hort Innovation website here or from SoundCloud  here.