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Hort Innovation manages export market access and improvement proposals on behalf of Australian horticulture, for the consideration of the Australian government. It provides advice to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources on sectoral priorities for market access and market improvement, which in turn is considered in determining the market access priorities negotiated on behalf of the Australian horticultural sector.

Hort Innovation’s Trade Unit develops this advice through its Trade Assessments Panel (TAP), working with industry to help gain and maintain markets overseas, increasing opportunities and demand for Australian produce. The TAP evaluates proposals and provides a prioritised list for the horticultural industry as a whole.

The TAP is meeting again soon, with submissions for new or improved market access due by 24 July. If you’ve got an export proposal ready to run with, jump online now and submit it for consideration: there’s an easy-to-follow market access proposal template, where you can also upload your supporting documents.

Access the information booklet and proposal submission template here.

Any questions about the process can be directed to Hort Innovation International Trade Executive Isabelle Meere at