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Hort Innovation has announced a new APVMA chemical permit for the control of two significant insect pests of olives, olive lace bug (OLB) and black scale.

Trivor Insecticide is a unique insecticide combination of acetamiprid (Group 4A – Neonicotinoid) and pyriproxyfen (Group 7C – Insect Growth Regulator) which provides rapid and extended control or suppression of many key pests of horticultural crops.

Permit details:

PER 89943 Trivor Insecticide (acetamiprid + pyriproxyfen), new permit to 31 January 2024, is for the control of olive lace bug (OLB) and scale insects in olive groves.

Note: this is an interim permit, as the registrant  ADAMA will be seeking a label registration in the future for the crops covered under this permit as part of the AgVet Grant funded project (ST16006).

View Trivor permit here.

View Trivor label here.

View Trivor safety data sheet here.

Minor use permits for the olive industry

The Hort Innovation Olive Fund supports the submission of applications for new and renewed minor agri-chemical use permits for the industry, as well as data generation activities to support chemical permits and registrations, and strategic agrichemical reviews. Together these efforts provide industry access to safe, relevant and effective chemicals for the management of pests, weeds and diseases.

View the list of minor use permits for the olive industry, current as of 21 September 2020 here.

Any queries or issues related to chemical use should be directed to AOA Agri-Chemical Permits Co-ordinator Peter McFarlane at or ph: 0418 839 836.