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Winter means it’s cold and flu season, which means that – along with COVID-19 – immunity is at the top of our health agenda.

There’s plenty of advice out there (some good, some questionable!) but what we all need is really helpful, factual information. So with that in mind, the Olive Wellness Institute has collaborated with nutritionist Jessica Cox to produce a new e-book focussed firmly on immune health.

Immune Health: Discover The Immune Benefits Of Ancient Olive Tree Products starts with the basics, explaining how the immune system works and the importance of diet in keeping it strong and functioning properly.

It then looks at olive products and immune health, discussing the benefits provided by both olive fruit and olive leaves then looking more specifically at EVOO and olive leaf extract.

And finally, the ebook provides some delicious new immune health recipes – using, naturally, fresh Australian EVOO.

The ebook is available for FREE download here. Grab yourself a copy and share the link with your networks to help spread the word.