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We all understand how important nutrition and exercise is for keeping ourselves healthy. We know that lifestyle, which includes diet, contributes to chronic disease and many of the illnesses which plague our society today. We also know that dietary interventions can have a dramatic effect on the prevention of many diseases and conditions.

But what precisely is ‘good nutrition’? And are GPs, for example, doing a good job of educating patients about a healthy diet.

In the first new Olive Wellness Institute podcast episode for 2021, Dr Simon Poole answers the question, discussing what actually constitutes good nutrition. He also looks at the role the medical profession has in providing advice and information to patients on how they can achieve it.

A practising physician, Dr Poole advocates the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and the Mediterranean Diet, and is co-author of The Olive Oil Diet: Nutritional Secrets of the Original Super Food.

Listen to the podcast (18 mins) here.

And you can find more information, facts and reference material on all things around olives and health on the Olive Wellness Institute website here.