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The holidays are over (for most of us, at least), so it’s time to get back to promoting and educating about our healthful and delicious olive products. Luckily it won’t be hard, with another batch of great new resources from the Olive Wellness Institute (OWI) team now available online for reading, listening and sharing.

The OWI website is the place to go for science-based, peer-reviewed information in ‘people speak’, covering a wide range of topics around the health benefits of EVOO and olive products. The resources also cater for a range of target audiences, ensuring relevant, factual information no matter who you’re talking to or sharing it with.

Chefs/food service/culinary educators:

There’s a whole new section of the website covering Culinary Nutrition, an important and emerging field that combines the passion for nutrition with cooking and preparing delicious food. Described as “the practicality needed to make a difference to the health of the population”, culinary nutrition leads with a food-first philosophy.

It includes a range of resources for chefs and cooking educators, including information resource cards and delicious recipes showcasing the versatility of high quality EVOO. These are also great for the budding – or proficient – home cook.

There are also education modules from Nutrition Australia, offering practical and science-based information on EVOO; and a downloadable book of Mediterranean Diet Recipes, all containing lashings of healthy EVOO, to help meet the recommended ‘dose’ of 25-50 mL daily.

Teachers and children:

Looking at a somewhat younger audience, there’s a set of Teachers & Kids resources. Great for (grand)parents, teachers, carers and educators, the resources provide both informative facts for adults about the benefits of EVOO in children’s diets, and simple, age-relevant content to make cooking and learning about ingredients fun and inspiring for children.

Consumers/home cooks:

And when you’re looking for a bit of inspiration in the kitchen, or for a new EVOO recipe to share with your network, there’s an expertly collated range of recipes featuring EVOO available to download. Showcasing the versatility of EVOO in both savoury and sweet dishes, there are great variations on the well-known dressing and drizzling uses along with recipes using EVOO for oven baking, sautéing, shallow and deep frying.

You can access all the resources here:

And find more information, facts and reference material on all things around olives and health on the on the Olive Wellness Institute website –