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The OliveCare® Code of Best Practice program has had its funding extended, ensuring continuation of the industry quality initiative over the next three years. 

The objectives of the olive levy project Extending OliveCare® to foster excellence in production of Australian olives (OL17006) are to assist the Australian olive industry to: 

  • increase producer participation in the OliveCare® program, including extending membership along the supply chain to include more retailers, as well as food service distributors and exporters;
  • build and maintain the quality of Australian olive oil, table olives and related products, and set benchmarks for improving that quality, enabling the industry to more effectively compete in global markets based on quality;
  • build consumer confidence in the quality of Australian EVOO and olive products. 

Run by OliveCare® Code of Best Practice Administrator Peter McFarlane, project implementation strategies include:

  • management of the registration of OliveCare® Code of Practice Signatories, and promotion to increase participation in the program;
  • audit of OliveCare® certification compliance requirements;
  • Australian EVOO market surveys;
  • access to training through regional workshops/field days and on-line VET accredited modules.

AOA CEO Greg Seymour said that because Australia is a high-cost producer, growers must focus on producing higher-value EVOO. 

“We need to ensure that Australian EVOO is consistently the best available in the market-place, and to continue to build consumer confidence in the quality of our home-grown products. Competition with cheaper imported oils in particular means Australia must be able to defend its reputation in the market place as a producer of high quality EVOO,” he said.

Extending OliveCare® to foster excellence in production of Australian olives aims to assist all producers in improving their practices, with the aim of achieving 100% compliance with the Australian Standard for OliveCare® certified EVOO brands.”

OliveCare® certified brands are authorised to use the Certified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Trade Mark logo, which is an assurance to consumers that the branded product is authentic Australian EVOO that meets the specifications of AS5264-2011.  

Certified brands are also listed by state of origin on the Australian Extra Virgin Everyday website:

For more information contact OliveCare® Code of Best Practice Administrator Peter McFarlane on 0418 839 836 or