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Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) 2017-2021 performance reports for each levy-paying industry have been developed and are available on the Hort Innovation website.

The reports review the performance of levy investments against each industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) from 2016/17 to 2020/21: industry SIPs outline the key priorities for investment in each levy industry and ensure that investment decisions align with those priorities.

Performance reports for each industry have been developed to demonstrate how Hort Innovation’s investments generated impact for growers over the 2016/17 to 2020/21 SIP period. The reports provide an overview of key achievements delivered through each levy investment, and how they relate to the specific industry’s SIP outcomes and strategies.

The reports provide a useful stock take of how levy funds have been used to deliver against the 2017-2021 SIPs, and offer oversight on which strategies were achieved, are still in progress or were not achieved and could be considered for future investment.

While these performance reports provide a five-year review of the 2017-2021 SIPs, going forward an annual performance report will be provided for the 2022-2026 SIPs.

Access the Olive Strategic Investment Plan 2017-2021 performance report here. The 2017-2021 SIP is also available for reference further down the linked page.