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Round 5 of the TasteBook™ sensory training program is about to begin – and if you’re keen to get your head (and tastebuds) around the nuances of single varietal oils, this one is definitely for you.

Being held from mid-March to mid-April, Tastebook™ Round 5 will focus on single varietal extra virgin olive oils. The samples have been sourced from different regions of Australia, providing an opportunity to also explore regional differences and the influences of climate and soil.

In a departure from the usual format, and to enable the depth of varietal oil comparison, Round 5 will focus solely on EVOO.

Bookings will once again be via Eventbrite and the questionnaire will be distributed via SurveyMonkey, the latter allowing for multiple family or business members to participate in the training.

The invitation to take part in Round 5 will be emailed to all previous participants, and extends to anyone interested in sharing the experience of appreciating, describing and understanding the quality and nuances of extra virgin olive oil.

So if you’re interested in participating or would like to know more about the TasteBook™ program, please contact project organiser Dr Soumi Paul Mukhopadhyay at