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Webinar – Upscale Your Table Olives Operation

Webinar, 22nd September 2020

Access recording HERE.

Recommended resources as suggested by Peter Reaich in the webinar:

The Voluntary Industry Standard for Table Olives in Australia, RIRDC – reviewed and revised in January 2020, access here.

Table Olive Production Manual, RIRDC – the revised version will be available later this year – access the current version here.

Producing Table Olives, Stan Kailis and David Harris  –  available on-line as an ebook. Purchase here.

IOOC Olive Pest & Disease Management Practical Handbook – unable to locate link to purchase. However, a range of up-to-date IPDM resources are now available for free download here.

If you’re ready to take your table olive production to the next level, you will want to watch this webinar. Peter Reaich from Australian Olive Company demonstrates the workings of a commercial table olive operation using a natural fermenting method. During the webinar you will see how the Australian Olive Company washes and sorts its table olives and Peter explains the company’s brining and natural anaerobic fermentation process. He shares invaluable tried and tested tips for ensuring a quality product as well as answers a range of questions from webinar attendees.