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2023 Conference Dinner Recipes


Grilled olive duqqa and cauliflower + pistachio tahini + pomegranate glaze (GF)

Olive duqqa, made with black olives, sultanas, and nigella seeds

Smoked pork hock schnitzel + blue cheese aioli + green olive

Dehydrated and grated Australian green olives sprinkled on top of the schnitzel


Fish of the day + fennel + macadamia + black olive crackle (GF)

Fish cooked with mild olive oil. Crackle made with black olive paste and cooked tapioca, dehydrated and deep fried

Confit duck + braised red cabbage + green olive pesto + port jus (GF)

Confit duck in mild olive oil. Pesto made with green olives, capers, and olive oil


Australian olive pavlova + lemon curd + pineapple (GF)

Meringue made with black olive paste and a drizzle of olive oil into whipped cream

Olive oil and chocolate delice + spiced plums + green olive sable

Incorporate olive oil and melted chocolate to make delice and sable made with olives