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IPDM Online Tutorials

These 9 tutorials provide up to date information on IPDM, Monitoring, and Biosecurity, as well as key pests and diseases: Black scale, Olive lace bug, Apple weevil, Anthracnose, Peacock spot and Cercospora leaf spot. Each tutorial includes a brief knowledge self-assessment, as well as questions to prompt changes to /improved practices as a result of completing the tutorial. Tutorials comprise 12-20 slides, and completion time is expected to be 10-15 minutes each.

Tutorial 1 IPDM

Tutorial 2 Monitoring

Tutorial 3 Biosecurity

Tutorial 4 Black Scale

Tutorial 5 Olive Lace Bug

Tutorial 6 Apple Weevil

Tutorial 7 Anthracnose

Tutorial 8 Peacock Spot

Tutorial 9 Cercospora Leaf Mould