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Presentations Day 1

Andrew Burgess, Olive Industry Retail Consumer Market Update

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A summary of market & consumer trends in the supermarket cooking oil category and the important role extra virgin olive oil plays in this segment.

Sian Armstrong, OWI EVOO Health and Nutrition Report – One-Stop Shop for Consumer Q&A

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The Olive Wellness Institute recently released the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health and Nutrition Report. This report is your one stop shop for all things EVOO and health, covering heath benefits, nutritional composition, production, consumption, cooking, sustainability and much more. This presentation outlines how you can use this resource, and has all your health questions answered. Sian also covers the upcoming update to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, and how you can support efforts to elevate EVOO in the updated version.

Tim Dehelean, Protecting Your Brand IP – Trade Marks

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This presentation covers intellectual property and trademarks and how to protect them.

Joanna McMillan, High Polyphenol EVOO: Why Do I Want It and How to Get It?

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Extra virgin olive oil has many associated health benefits and recent research highlights that the mechanisms behind these effects are largely attributed to the presence of a wide range of polyphenols. Dr Joanna summarises this science, outlines what is in extra virgin olive oil, what influences the levels of polyphenols and how much extra virgin olive oil we should consume for optimal benefits.

Tawnya Bahr, Pathway Opportunities to Sales Growth

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Renowned food expert Tawnya Bahr provides an insightful presentation on agri-tourism, value-adding, and raising brand awareness in the foodservice sector. Tawnya explains how to leverage provenance value, enhance brand recognition, connect with chefs, and explore pathways to increased sales opportunities. Gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of food entrepreneurship and harness the power of agri-tourism to elevate your brand and drive growth.