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Presentations Day 2

Dr MIla Bristow, Xylella Fastidiosa: New R&D Towards Preparedness

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This presentation highlights the current and new R&D towards preparedness into Australia’s number 1 priority plant pest; Xylella fastidiosa. This pest causes devastating diseases to more than 560 plant species worldwide, including olives, where it is known as olive quick decline. Hort Innovation invests in R&D to understand the disease, its vectors and hosts, as well as investing in our science capacity to ensure industry can detect, diagnose and respond should this pest arrive.

David Nicholls, Biosecurity Funding and Farm Labour

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This presentation covers investment in biosecurity including the 2023-24 Budget sustainable biosecurity funding package and implementation of the Biosecurity Protection Levy, and an update on the government’s farm labour programs.

Mel Hollick, Making use of Olive Waste – Composting

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After hearing from experts on composting at previous Australian Olive conferences, Mel Hollick from Peninsula Providore was inspired to investigate harnessing the potential of olive waste through composting, and seeing whether compost applications in olive groves could have similar results to compost applications in vineyards.  After successfully receiving a National Landcare Program Smart Farms Small Grant to support this project, the past couple of years have been devoted to exploring composting as a solution to mitigate the environmental challenges of their waste, and in doing so, creating a valuable resource for a more sustainable future.

Andrew Burgess, Zero Waste Hub – Dewatering Olive Pomace

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This presentation outlines Cobram Estate’s sustainability project, supported by Sustainability Victoria, that aims to reduce the moisture content of pomace, limit the natural breakdown and degradation of pomace, reduce odour, enable handling and storage, and achieve a better environmental outcome.

Lauren Hamilton, Digital Marketing – Big Opportunities for Small Business

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Covering the latest in social media, advertising, websites, security and integration and automation tools.

Campbell Mercer, Regenerative Farming and Olives: Sustainability, Carbon and Improved Grove Practices

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Regenerative farming is gaining significant traction across the globe – particularly in Europe and North America. What are the issues with conventional agriculture that regenerative farming is looking to address? Using Manna Hill Estate, which he owns and operates, as a case study Campbell describes some of the practices and resulting improvements that can be achieved with a regenerative approach including carbon sequestration (carbon farming) and the resulting monetization potential.

Panel Session – Recovery from Adverse Climatic Events

Presentation slides Peter O’Clery

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This panel session covers the effects of adverse weather events and how to prepare and deal with them. Panel members include olive growers who have been directly impacted by hail, floods and fire.

Interactive cooking demo/class/Q+A with Michelle Southan (Food Director of and Joanna Savill (Presenter, Food Lovers Guide to Australia)


Michelle and Joanna demonstrate how EVVO flavour profiles, not only work but enhance some popular recipes. Covering recipes from breakfast to mains and sweet treats aimed at helping the consumer understand that EVVO is more than just for special occasion salads.

Helen Taylor and Trudie Michels – Olive oil tasting mini workshop

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Judging criteria checklist document

This session covered a brief overview by Trudie Michels of what is involved with judging of the Australian International Olive Awards followed by a tasting of extra virgin olive oils where characteristics that define good, ordinary and faulty oils will be explored.