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AOA 2020 Virtual Conference Recordings

Click on the links below to access the conference session recordings. You can choose to watch the session in full or per presentation. Viewing the full session will provide access to the Q&As, which in itself is invaluable content.

Passwords are required to access the videos. You should have received an email with the relevant passwords recently if you had registered to attend the Virtual Conference. If not, please email

Day 1 Soil Management

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Soil Management full session

Australian Organics Recycling Association presentation

John Barton1 – The City in the Soil – what elements are necessary for a city to successfully function.

John Barton2 – How to Build Soil Carbon

John Barton3 – Soil Water & Nutrients

John Barton4 – How to Improve Soil Water & Nutrients

Andy Gulliver1 – Ecosystems/balance/history & society/soil carbon & biology

Andy Gulliver2 – Soil microbiome

Day 2 Grove Management

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For more information and to access the applications and maps:

Grove Management full session

Olivegrower & Processor presentation

Jon Lockwood remote sensing and automation

Professor Andrew Robson – Introduction to the Remote Sensing Project

Craig Shephard / Joel McKechnie – The Australian Tree Crop Map

Alex Schultz – Sensors and Field Experimentation

Dr Angelica Suarez – Satellites and Airborne Sensing

Dr James Brinkhoff – Information Dashboard

Professor Kerry Walsh – Infrared Technology & Infield Assessment of Fruit Moisture Content

Day 3 Olives & Health

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Olives & Health full session

Sarah Gray – OWI Project Update

Jacqui Plozza – Cooking with EVOO

Sarah Gray – Research Update

Day 4 Olive Marketing

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Olive Marketing full session

Modern Olives presentation

Dr Cheryl Kalisch Gordon — International Edible Oil Market

Paul Miller — Global Olive Update Update

Andrew Burgess – Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Australian Supermarkets