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IPDM Project Outputs

Dear Colleagues,

The material provided here are outputs of the Hort Innovation-funded project OL17001 An Integrated Pest and Disease Management Extension program for the Olive Industry. This project has been funded by Hort Innovation using the olive research and development levy, co-investment from the Australian Olive Association and Western Sydney University and funds from the Australian Government. For more information on the fund and strategic levy investment visit

The objective of this project is to promote best management practices in IPDM for plant health in the Australian Olive Industry, with a focus on Black Scale, Olive Lace Bug and Anthracnose. Arthropod pests and diseases are often key constraints to economic production of olives and olive products through their effects on both yield and quality. Apart from diseases caused by living organisms (pathogens), olive trees are also subject to disorders resulting from adverse environmental conditions and cultural practices. Australia is unique in that while it has a number of traditional, cosmopolitan pests and diseases, as well as several native species, it is free from a number of highly damaging exotic species. The industry is vulnerable to their introduction. These extension materials are aimed to assist the olive industry in its endeavours to sustainably manage its pests and diseases.

The materials available comprise:

On-line Tutorials

These 9 tutorials provide up to date information on IPDM, Monitoring, and Biosecurity, as well as key pests and diseases: Black scale, Olive lace bug, Apple weevil, Anthracnose, Peacock spot and Cercospora leaf spot. Each tutorial includes a brief knowledge self-assessment, as well as questions to prompt changes to /improved practices as a result of completing the tutorial. Tutorials comprise 12-20 slides, and completion time is expected to be 10-15 minutes each.


These are 1-2 page summaries of information on specific topics. In addition to growers, we believe they will be of use for advisors, consultants and pesticide suppliers. There are 9 flyers: Black scale, Olive lace bug, Weevils, Anthracnose, Peacock spot, Cercospora leaf mould, Olive wood rots and dieback, Exotic pests and diseases, and Current chemical options for key pests and diseases.

Revised Field Guide

The revised Field Guide to Olive Pests, Diseases and Disorders provides updated Australian information as well as inclusion of new exotic pests and diseases (such as Xylella and Verticillium wilt (Defoliating strain)). It is primarily to assist in identification of possible pests, diseases and disorders, as well as important beneficial natural enemies.

Best Practice IPDM Manual

The Manual is a supplementary extension tool to the web-based tutorials, flyers and field guide. It contains explanatory information on a range of IPDM strategies, enabling more informed decision making. It includes a section on pesticide selection and application.

Note: As the different materials overlap in their information, there will be some duplication. This is deliberate, as while these resources form a package, each resource is intended to also stand alone.

We trust you find these resources useful, and wish you all the best in your endeavours towards a more sustainable Australian olive industry.

Robert Spooner-Hart (on behalf of the Project team)

For more details about the outputs you can also access the webinar held on 1 September 2020 that showcases all the outputs.

Access recording here