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2020 AOA Webinars

Webinar – Upscale Your Table Olives Operation

Held 22nd September 2020

If you’re ready to take your table olive production to the next level, you will want to watch this webinar. Peter Reaich from Australian Olive Company demonstrates the workings of a commercial table olive operation using a natural fermenting method. During the webinar you will see how the Australian Olive Company washes and sorts its table olives and Peter explains the company’s brining and natural anaerobic fermentation process. He shares invaluable tried and tested tips for ensuring a quality product as well as answers a range of questions from webinar attendees.

Access the recording HERE.

Recommended resources as suggested by Peter Reaich in the webinar:

The Voluntary Industry Standard for Table Olives in Australia, RIRDC – reviewed and revised in January 2020, access here.

Table Olive Production Manual, RIRDC – the revised version will be available later this year – access the current version here.

Producing Table Olives, Stan Kailis and David Harris  –  available on-line as an ebook. Purchase here.

IOOC Olive Pest & Disease Management Practical Handbook – unable to locate link to purchase. However, a range of up-to-date IPDM resources are now available for free download here.

Webinar – IPDM Project Resources and How to Access Them

Held 1 September 2020

Dr Robert Spooner-Hart and Len Tesoriero presents a very informative webinar showcasing all of the outputs from their current project, “An integrated pest and disease management extension program for the olive industry (OL17001)”. The objective of the project is to provide Australian olive growers with access to current, practical information and instruction for implementing integrated pest and disease management (IPDM) strategies in their groves.

During the webinar, Spooner-Hart and Tesoriero review the material as well as provide information on how to access it including: on-line tutorials (9) on IPDM theory and practice, and key olive pests and diseases; Flyers (9) on key olive pests and diseases, including exotic biosecurity risks; a Revised Field Guide to Olive Pests, Disorders and Diseases in Australia; and an Olive IPDM Manual. An upcoming follow-up survey for the project is also be discussed.

Access recording here

Access resources here

Webinar – Talking Table Olives with Linda Costa

Held 25 August 2020

Linda Costa follows up on her outstanding national table olive workshop tour earlier this year with a webinar that:
  • refreshes attendees minds on some critical elements of the process;
  • answers questions recently submitted to Linda by workshop delegates;
  • and hear how Linda’s 2020 table olive processing is progressing in South Africa.
The webinar concludes with a general Q&A session.

Access recording here.

Access presentation here.

Webinar – Evaluation of Processing Aids for Olive Oil Extraction & Quality Improvement

Held 16th June 2020

Presented by Pablo Canamasas, this webinar outlines the use of the processing aids available, their impact on yield and quality, and other related equipment adjustments required to maximise oil recovery.
Knowing how to assess the performance of olive oil processing aids and to then adjust their use accordingly is an invaluable skill if you are seeking to increase profitability without affecting the quality of the final product.
The information provided is of benefit to both olive oil processors and olive oil producers.

Access recording HERE.

Access presentation HERE.

Webinar – Update on the irrigation trials / oil accumulation results

Held 19th May 2020

Update on the irrigation trials / oil accumulation results

This third and final webinar in the Remote Sensing Project series will be hosted by the AOA. Presenters include: Dr James Brinkhoff (University of New England) and Alex Schultz (NSW Department of Primary Industries).

The presentation covers:

  • Rationale for the trial and the technologies being assessed (imagery, sensors)
    • Layout of trials – varieties, treatment locations, treatment specifications (water deficit..)
    • How it was implemented
  • Results 1 – high frequency sensor-based indicators of water stress
    • Performance of on-farm sigfox networks
    • Sensor-based indications of water stress (dendrometer, sap flow, soil moisture)
    • Correlations with evapotranspiration-rainfall
  • Results 2 – high resolution spatial remote sensing detection of water stress including airborne thermal and satellite multispectral
    • Potential of remote sensing for timely identification of water stress in olive trees
    • Potential of single capture high resolution thermal imagery for identifying water stress in olive trees
  • Results 3 – update on yield and oil content
  • Q & A

Access recording HERE.

Webinar – National Olive Grove Mapping Project

Held 12th May 2020

Hosted by AOA. Presenters include: Craig Shephard (University New England), Joel McKechnie (University New England), Greg Seymour (Australian Olive Association).
Content includes:
  • Introduction to the project and its role in the Olive Remote Sensing Project.
  • Benefits of a national olive map eg grove and industry production estimates, biosecurity incl abandoned groves, natural disaster monitoring on olive groves (eg bushfires, Cyclone Debbie)
  • Mapping undertaken in phase 1 of the project;
  • Current progress in phase 2 and what is required to keep it updated;
  • Live demo for participants to enter data for their own groves

Access recording HERE.

Access presentation HERE.

Webinar – Overview of Remote Sensing Project

Held 5th May 2020

Overview of the Olive Remote Sensing Project including aerial sensing, ground sensing and NIR sensing.

Hosted by AOA. Presenters include: Professor Andrew Robson (University New England), Dr Luz Angelica Suarez (University New England), Professor Kerry Walsh (Central Queensland University) and Alex Schultz (NSW Department of Primary Industries).

Access recording HERE.

Access presentation HERE.

Digital Marketing Webinar Series

These webinars are designed for those that are looking to set up an online presence and/or wish to sharpen their online marketing skills.

The webinars are presented by Lauren Hamilton from Digital Narrative whose presentation and workshop on digital marketing at 2019 National Conference were rated extremely highly by conference delegates.

The three-part webinar series covers the following topics:


Webinar 1: How to establish an online business:
  • Different website options (Square, WP, Shopify)
  • Selling online without a website
  • Key ingredients for success when building a simple eCommerce website

This webinar was held on 26 May 2020.

Access recording here

Access presentation here

Webinar 2: How to drive online sales using free digital marketing:
  • Free social media options including influencers
  • Newsletters
  • Collaborations
  • PR

This webinar was held on 2 June 2020


Access recording here

Access presentation here


Webinar 3: How to grow your online business using paid digital marketing:
  • Paid FB and Instagram ads
  • Google remarketing
  • Google search marketing

This webinar was held on 9 June 2020


Access recording here

Access presentation here


This is part of the Olive levy project Australian olive industry communications and extension program (OL18000), funded by Hort Innovation, using the Hort Innovation olive research and development levy, co-investment from the Australian Olive Association and contributions from the Australian Government.