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TasteBook® Rounds 6&7





Kalamata and Flavoured Oils Focus

TasteBook® Rounds 6 and 7 will be a combined ‘mega round’ and will focus on Kalamata table olives and flavoured oils respectively, offering a veritable ‘feast for the senses’.

Every participant will receive two packs of four Kalamata table olives samples and four bottles of flavoured oils, all from top Australian producers, providing a mega-tasting and learning experience in one delivery. These sample kits will be sent from 28 January 2020 to  late February 2020.

The survey will need to be completed by 13 March 2020.

Both TasteBook® rounds are included in the cost: $40 levy payers, $50 non-levy payers, $50 international

Registrations close 21 February 2020

Register here

Click here for more details on TasteBook® or contact Dr Soumi Paul Mukhopadhyay via email at



TasteBook® is a sensory training initiative in appreciating, describing and understanding how to improve the quality of EVOO and table olives. It includes tasting of olive oils and table olives, assessing their characteristics, and providing feedback on the style, quality and uses of the sample products that aims to expose industry participants to regular sensory experiences and palate calibration for olive products, and to assist in gaining an understanding of how to achieve product excellence. TasteBook® was developed and is owned by the AOA.

TasteBook® aims to encourage a conversation on judging methodology and enables benchmarking of participant performance against senior judges. Participants are also encouraged to benchmark their own products against the samples provided.

TasteBook® is a component of a broader professional development platform for competition judges that proposes to include Masterclasses for EVOO and table olive judging as well as annual refresher courses, and an expansion of the National Young Judges Program. TasteBook® aims to:

      1. Provide regular tasting experiences and training to upskill an expanded pool of Australian EVOO and table olive judges within the AOA judges training and accreditation framework.
      2. Integrate training with the e-learning modules which are linked to Units of Competency from the National Training Framework (NTF). These competencies can be bundled with other units to achieve a formal qualification such as FDF30111 Certificate III in Food Processing, or AHC40310 Certificate IV in Production Horticulture.
      3. Improved industry awareness, knowledge, skills and capacity in sensory assessment of EVOO, table olives and other olive products.
      4. Enhance a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in the Australian olive industry.
      5. Increase exposure of the Australian olive industry to International events and expertise.

    TasteBook® is open to any interested person to register. In particular, all national, state and regional competition judges and associate judges, trainee judges including young judges and AOA Code of Practice Signatories (now rebranded as OliveCare®) are encouraged to participate.


    TasteBook® rounds are conducted online. Upon registration, participants (includes family, friends and staff, if desired) are sent samples and detailed instructions and training materials are emailed. Participants use an online survey as part of their sensory assessment. A report on the survey results is then compiled and made available to participants. This report highlights any differences between the participants responses and the trainer’s assessment of the oils, which provides feedback to participants on the quality of their own assessments.


    TasteBook® Live is the workshop version of TasteBook® Rounds. Here, participants have the opportunity to test samples in a live, workshop environment, where discussion is encouraged among the trainers and other participants, the key benefit being that feedback on sensory analysis is immediate.

    For more details and to view previous TasteBook® Round results click here.