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Webinar 3 Update on the irrigation trials / oil accumulation results

Webinar 3, 19TH May 2020

Access recording HERE.

Update on the irrigation trials / oil accumulation results

This third and final webinar in the Remote Sensing Project series will be hosted by the AOA. Presenters include: Dr James Brinkhoff (University of New England) and Alex Schultz (NSW Department of Primary Industries).

The presentation covers:

  • Rationale for the trial and the technologies being assessed (imagery, sensors)
    • Layout of trials – varieties, treatment locations, treatment specifications (water deficit..)
    • How it was implemented
  • Results 1 – high frequency sensor-based indicators of water stress
    • Performance of on-farm sigfox networks
    • Sensor-based indications of water stress (dendrometer, sap flow, soil moisture)
    • Correlations with evapotranspiration-rainfall
  • Results 2 – high resolution spatial remote sensing detection of water stress including airborne thermal and satellite multispectral
    • Potential of remote sensing for timely identification of water stress in olive trees
    • Potential of single capture high resolution thermal imagery for identifying water stress in olive trees
  • Results 3 – update on yield and oil content
  • Q & A