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Hort Innovation has launched its new website, which allows olive growers to find industry investment information and resources quickly and easily via the Olive Fund’s own dedicated section.

The new website has more information than ever about the Olive Fund, including:


  • 12+ investments currently underway 
  • Ongoing investments with research updates and actions you can take now
  • Completed investments with summaries on each project

Resources and reports to help your business grow

  • Final research reports on completed investments for in-depth information
  • Fact sheets, publications, guides, videos and other investment outputs and resources

Industry consultation and fund management

  • Consultation with the olive industry and how advice is gathered to inform investment decisions
  • Management of the Olive Fund, with financial and investment documents available

The new website also has everything you need to know about the Hort Frontiers initiative, along with information about Hort Innovation the company, delivery partners and more, including:

  • How Hort Frontiers works and its future-focused investments
  • Corporate governance and how the company operates
  • Ways you can become involved
  • Current investment opportunities and news for delivery partners

There’s even a short how-to video to help you get the most out of the new website – and if you are involved in more than one industry, there is a dedicated section for each industry fund. You’ll find links to them all here.

Explore the Olive Fund section of the Hort Innovation website here to learn more about your levy activity and how you can get involved.