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The Australian Olive Association is launching the olive industry’s new brand, Australian Extra Virgin.

The Australian Extra Virgin brand aims at raising awareness and educating consumers about the health benefits, freshness and quality of Australian Extra Virgin olive oil.

As part of this campaign, the Association has introduced a website,, which features recipe ideas, health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, a media section, facts about the Australian olive industry and much more.

A brochure, various point-of-sale material and posters with the slogans ‘Your body needs an oil change too’ and ‘No additives. Lots of plusses’ have also been created to further inform consumers. Australians can expect to see the Australian Extra Virgin branding material appearing in the next few weeks.

Olive oil judge, owner and chef of Pendolino restaurant (Sydney), Nino Zoccali, applauded the introduction of Australian Extra Virgin.

“Australians are becoming more aware of all the health benefits and fantastic quality our local producers can offer and Australian Extra Virgin should help communicate these messages,” Zoccali said.

“Personally, I love extra virgin olive oil because of all its flavours. It is a traditional part of Italian cooking. Plus the quality of Australian Extra Virgin olive oil is outstanding,” he added.

Australian extra virgin olive oil is versatile and can be used everyday as an ingredient or accompaniment to food and for almost all forms of cooking.

Paul Miller, president of the Australian Olive Association, said the Australian Extra Virgin campaign will help consumers make a more informed choice on the healthiest and freshest type of olive oil to consume.

“With the new Australian Extra Virgin logo featuring on approved products, consumers will be able to identify local extra virgin olive oils that meet the highest industry standards,” Miller said.

“Research has shown that extra virgin olive oil is the most beneficial olive oil for health. It is rich and diverse in protective antioxidants which may help lower bad cholesterol and maintain the beneficial HDL cholesterol,” he added.

Australian extra virgin olive oil is the natural oil from quality olives that have been picked straight off the tree and extracted as soon as possible without the use of chemicals or excessive heat. This ensures that the oil’s health benefits, flavour and freshness are maximised.

Research has shown that Australian olive oils meet or exceed the range and level of quality generally expected in olive oils from other countries[1].

In conjunction with Australian Extra Virgin, the Association has recently introduced an industry Code of Practice that supports quality, authenticity and confidence in the Australian olive industry. This Code is a world first and helps differentiate the Australian industry and its products.

Consumers will be able to identify certified products by the official Certified Australian Extra Virgin logo (left) to be used on labels of approved products. The labels should start appearing on products in the next few months.

Under the new Code, the Association is also undertaking random surveillance of local and imported olive oils to ensure Australian consumers can confidently buy extra virgin olive oil knowing that it really is extra virgin.

The Australian Olive Association was founded in 1995 as the industry body to encourage research and dissemination of information and the sustained development of a national olive industry in Australia.

More information on Australian Extra Virgin is available at or by calling (02) 9863 8735.