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Have you seen the Olive Wellness Institute’s resource showing the different grades of olive oil?

The ‘plain-speak’ one page infographic is an excellent guide to share with customers and your social media networks to explain the differences between natural olive oils like extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oils like ‘pure’ and ‘light’ olive oil.

Many people still aren’t aware of the vast differences between the categories, or are confused about what the terminology means, so this resource is an excellent way to help educate them.

Divided into the three grades of olive oils – Natural Olive Oils, Refined Olive Oils and Blends, and Pomace (waste) Olive Oil – the resource provides information across a range of considerations, including how the various oils are produced, composition, health benefits (or otherwise), flavour aspects and usage.

And like all of the Olive Wellness Institute’s resources, the information is backed by fact and research – in this case the Australian Standard for Olive oils and olive-pomace oils.

Download the Grades of Olive Oil infographic from the Olive Wellness Institute’s website here, and share the knowledge.