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The first Australian Extra Virgin olive oil with the Code of Practice symbol has entered retailers’ outlets with Cobram Estate leading the way.

Cobram Estate’s three-litre tin is the first to include the Code of Practice logo, with other products following the path in the next four to eight weeks. The Code of Practice certification logo is the industry’s method of guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of its products.
The certification symbol is a new benchmark of industry standards.

Ashley Read, sales and marketing manager of Cobram Estate, said it is a very exciting time for the Australian olive industry and consumers.

“It was really important for us to sign up to the Australian olive industry Code of Practice as it provides our products with the credibility and authenticity that consumers are really looking for,”
Read said.

“We have liaised with the Australian Olive Association (AOA) throughout the development of the Code of Practice and the Australian Extra Virgin brand. It is a great initiative from the AOA,” he added.

A list of all signatories to the Australian olive industry Code of Practice can be found at

Cobram Estate was awarded five medals at the 12th National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards held in Canberra on Tuesday, 28 October. Cobram Estate’s extra virgin olive oils can be found in over 1,500 retail outlets around Australia. The company is owned by Boundary Bend which produces 50 per cent of Australia’s olive oil. In 2008, Boundary Bend produced six million litres of premium extra virgin olive oil.

Australian Extra Virgin olive oil is the natural oil from quality olives that have been picked straight off the tree and extracted as soon as possible without the use of chemicals or excessive heat. This ensures that the oil’s health benefits, flavour and freshness are maximised.

The Australian Olive Association’s launch of the olive industry’s new brand, Australian Extra Virgin, aims to raise awareness and educate consumers about the health benefits, freshness and quality of Australian Extra Virgin olive oil.

In conjunction with Australian Extra Virgin, the Association has introduced an industry Code of Practice that supports quality, authenticity and confidence in the Australian olive industry. This Code is a world first and helps differentiate the Australian industry and its products.

Under the new Code, the Association is also undertaking random surveillance of local and imported olive oils to ensure Australian consumers can confidently buy extra virgin olive oil knowing that it really is extra virgin.

The Australian Olive Association was founded in 1995 as the industry body to encourage research and dissemination of information and the sustained development of a national olive industry in Australia.

More information on Australian Extra Virgin is available at or by calling (02) 9863 8735.