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The Australian Table Olive Association Inc has been formed to promote this unique fledgling Table Olive industry concentrating on food safety and quality.

Although Australia has a long history in table olive production, dating back to the early 1900’s, there has been no body setting food safety standards peculiar to the Table Olive Industry.

Since 2003 however, there has been a resurgence of interest. The recent planting of trees from the late 1990’s have now reached their commercially viable stage and growers/producers seek to maximize their returns.

To date the olive industry focus has largely been on oil production with the table olive industry being the Cinderella. Industry leaders however have seen that there is considerable scope for value adding, in many cases exceeding that of oil.

Many boutique operations exist throughout Australia (as of 2007-2008 approximately 350) as well as medium size producers All of this is occurring without any national guidelines to critical food safety and quality issues.

Unlike oil, table olive production has many attendant risks that need urgent attention.
The ATOA seeks to establish national guidelines for the table olive industry. In particular:
• Food Safety
• Quality
• Training for industry
• Education, public awareness
• Standards
• Table Olive Judging panels
• Promotion of Australian Table Olives
• Advancing Australian Table Olive Exports

There are currently 3 Directors ( Gino Russo-Chairperson (QLD), Peter Caird- Director(VIC) and Dr Peter Agnew – Director and Subcommittee Chairperson Organic Table Olives. With a further 3 Director Vacancies.

The Australian Table Olive Association is currently seeking expressions of interest for Members and remaining Director Vacancies.

Further information can be obtained from