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An Olive Industry Communications Survey is being undertaken later this month, providing the chance to input into how industry information is shared and received.

Survey manager Greg Seymour said that olive levy payers and all others involved in the industry are encouraged to take part.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone to have their say on a range of communication questions, and we hope everyone will ‘click through’ when the survey gets underway on 24 June,” he said.

“The survey is part of the new industry communications project and is seeking to find out what people think about our current industry publications, websites, e-communications, field days, workshops, videos and webinars. We also want to know what they would like to see in the future, in terms of improvements and new products and channels.

“Anecdotal comments and post-event evaluations over the past nine months have been very positive but it’s vital we get input from a wide cross-section of industry stakeholders to ensure we continually improve our products. We also want to make sure we are not missing the needs of some sections of the industry, and to identify better ways to communicate to those groups.”

The 2019 survey will also provide a baseline for measuring the appropriateness and effectiveness of the communications project in supporting change in the industry.

“We will repeat the survey in about 18 months to measure what has changed, and to quantify the impact the project is having on industry outcomes,” Seymour said.

“This type of evaluation is essential if we want effective and efficient industry communications.”

Participation in the survey is anonymous and will take around 10 minutes. An e-notice linking to the survey will go out across the industry supply chain as it opens.

“The survey will remain open for about a month and we’ll send out a few reminders along the way, as it is important that we achieve a high participation rate from a wide cross-section of the industry.”

Further information on the Olive Industry Communications Survey can be obtained from AOA admin manager Liz Bouzoudis on 0478 606 145 or