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An independent Review of Performance was recently conducted into Hort Innovation and the results have been released. Hort Innovation has responded to, and accepted, all 14 recommendations delivered by the review.

In December 2017, following a competitive tender process, GHD was contracted to carry out the four-yearly independent Review of Performance on the organisation.

The review is a requirement under the company’s Statutory Funding Agreement (SFA) with the Australian Government, and also an opportunity to gain important feedback on progress and delivery over the four years since the incorporation of Hort Innovation.

The initiatives outlined in the Company response to the review will form an ongoing program of work for Hort Innovation and help to inform the negotiations around the next SFA between the Australian Government and Hort Innovation, in the continued effort to support the productivity, profitability, and competitiveness of Australian horticulture.

According to Hort Innovation, the review provided another solid bank of evidence around what the organisation has been doing well, and what they could continue to improve. It also provided an additional opportunity for growers and stakeholders to give considered feedback around how the organisation is performing and what opportunities there are to work better together for the future of Australian horticulture.

Hort Innovation would like to thank everyone who gave their time, insight and critique of the organisation’s performance, helping shape the review.

You can find a copy of both the review and Hort Innovation’s response to the recommendations on the Hort innovation website here.

Anyone with any questions is encouraged to contact Hort Innovation at