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The Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 was released on 1 July and is now available for viewing.

Representing a new chapter for the company and Australia’s horticulture sector, the strategy lays out the organisation’s focus, goals and key activities for the next four years, all of which are aligned to the industry’s needs now and into the future.

The strategy was developed with input from growers and other horticulture participants, provided via online feedback and consultation workshops across regional Australia. More than 350 participants contributed to the thinking behind the strategy.

The 2019-2023 Strategy lays out new key guiding statements for Hort Innovation as the country’s horticulture RDC, including its purpose, activity and goals. It is defined by three strategic pillars, with key initiatives and activities laid out under each:

  1. Drive knowledge and innovation into horticulture industries.
  2. Deliver the highest value R&D, marketing and trade investments across industries, now and into the future.
  3. Enable activities that drive all strategic imperatives.

Hort Innovation says the strategy “clearly cements Hort Innovation’s reinvigorated purpose: we exist to drive a prosperous and healthy Australia, by providing the best knowledge and solutions to create a world-class horticulture sector.

“The strategy is the new guiding document for Hort Innovation as your grower-owned research and development corporation. Putting it into action will allow Hort Innovation to continue to strive to help growers and the wider horticulture industry in harnessing opportunities and growing strengths, while planning for and tackling potential hurdles in the way.”

Download the strategy document here.