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Planning to export? Expand your business? You can get the figures you need to make those decisions from the latest Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook, covering the year ending 30 June 2017.

Published by Hort Innovation and produced by research group FreshLogic, the 2016-17 Handbook consolidates horticulture statistical information for use by horticulture industry members and other stakeholders. The publication is part of the ongoing across-industry levy investment Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2015-2018 (AH15001).

The ongoing project supports productive of an annual Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook, which offers the most comprehensive and contemporary data available on all sectors of the Australian horticulture industry in one easy-to-read spot.

This handbook is an analysis that combines all available data on production, international trade, processing volumes and fresh market distribution in order to produce statistics on 75 horticultural categories, including olives. It adopts a modelling approach that centres on determining the fresh market value and volume for each category, which reconciles production with local and international distribution channel throughputs.

For convenience and reader relevance, the Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2016/17 is available for download in four different category sections: Fruit – including olives, Vegetables, Nuts and Other. You can access them here.

The Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2016/17 has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the across industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.