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Sharing topical, evidence-based information around the health – and other – benefits of olive products is what the Olive Wellness Institute is all about, and one important element of that work is myth busting.

Its recent blog Deep Frying with Extra Virgin Olive Oil does just that, taking on the lingering false belief that you can’t cook or deep fry with extra virgin olive oil.

In particular, they realise that it’s a myth instilled in many chefs and food service professionals during their early days of training, so they’ve teamed with chef Karen Purcell to bust the myth once and for all.

Purcell has developed a suite of recipes for the Olive Wellness Institute and in the new blog she writes about the process of creating a new version of her three-cheese croquettes recipe, this one deep fried in extra virgin olive oil.

“I have used EVOO in many dishes over the years but not for deep frying, as I – along with many others – was led to believe that it was not an optimal oil for frying,” she said.

“However, researching through the Olive Wellness Institute has shown me that this has no scientific substantiation. In fact, I learned that EVOO is highly stable at high heat, and resistant to breaking down and forming harmful compounds.

“So I took one of my favourite recipes and used light bodied EVOO to deep fry, and the results were simply outstanding.

“The slight nutty and peppery flavour of the EVOO enhanced the sensory components of this dish dramatically. The overall taste is all consuming, combining the delicate nuttiness with the decadent and rich flavours of the 3 cheeses.

“The finished product also had minimal fat absorption, making a less greasy dish overall.”

Deep fried food that’s tastier, healthier and less greasy … how good is that! Read the blog and access the step-by-step recipe here, then share with your networks to help spread the word.