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The postponed Olives NSW CoP workshop will be held from 9am to 12 noon on Wednesday 21st April at the Riverine Club Wagga.

This workshop is really important for those who are existing signatories or who are contemplating becoming signatories in the nearish future.

The aim is to go through all the requirements for the COP and basically take the paperwork-stress out of the process to make it easier and clearer for those who are or aim to be signatories to the Code of Practice.

The key difficulty people have been facing is the requirement to have a HACCP-type risk management system in place. A key feature of the workshop will be to work through a document which has been specifically prepared for CoP participants to help them prepare their own risk management plan.

Pre-registration is essential to ensure that there are enough copies of materials for all.

Registrations and enquiries to Ros Kemp, telephone +612 6365 3337