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The arrival of Pellenc’s new Selion electric chainsaw has created a huge amount of interest amongst olive growers as well as in other sectors.

The 1200 Watt Selion is powered by Pellenc’s patented Lithium Ion battery technology, which offers outstanding performance (over 17 Ah) for only 5.5kg of weight!

Even more exciting for olive growers is the fact that the Selion and Pellenc’s Olivium olive harvesting rake use the same battery, meaning that the investment in the battery can now be shared over two tools.

No other battery-powered chainsaw on the market can match the Selion’s performance.

With the equivalent power of a petrol-driven tool and its semi-automated chain lubrication system, the Selion not only saves on running costs but is environmentally friendly as well.

The low noise, light weight and ease of operation (the unit also offers an semi-automatic chain tensioning system), the Selion is very user-friendly and eliminates many of the OH & S concerns of chainsaw usage.

For more information on this exciting new tool, visit our website or call our office on 08 8244 7700.