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The Tastebook™ sensory training initiative will be elevated to a new level with a live sensory workshop on Saturday 20 October, led by sensory scientist Dr Soumi Paul Mukhopadhyay with other key olive oil tasting experts.

The workshop will be based on the same aspects of the training program in appreciating, describing and understanding how to improve the quality of EVOO and table olives but also have a major focus on discussion.

Dr Paul Mukhopadhyay said the main aim of the event is to encourage questions from all participants – from industry experts to those new to olives.

“I’m hopeful that open discussion will create more interest in sensory testing and give a wide range of people the opportunity to understand how to sensory test well,” she said.

“There will be a range of products to test from EVOO to table olives, and I’d encourage everyone who plans to come to the workshop to have a list of questions for me!”

Update: Tastebook™ Round 4 samples and basic instructions are now being posted to registered participants. Detailed instructions and training materials will also be emailed to registered participants, with a link to the Tastebook™ Round 4 on-line SurveyMonkey survey response form which is ‘live’ through to 3 September 2018.