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After 10 seasons, the reputable South Australian olive business, The Olive Press, is for sale. Lee Hallett, the current owner of The Olive Press will be retiring and selling the Alfa Laval 1.5 tonne processing plant (modified to two phase operation). A large quantity of essential equipment will also be offered for sale.

The Olive Press and equipment for sale include;

– Alfa Laval Olive processing plant (modified to two phase operation) 1.5. tonne per hour with separator.
– Oliomio olive processing plant 350 kg per hour
– A leasehold or freehold on buildings on two titles
– Oliomio cleaner/washer
– scales
– bin tipper
– collection tanks
– 750kg food grade talc
– s/s storage tanks
– pumps
– Hoses
– bottling equipment.

Hallett describes her time in the industry as ‘wonderful and interesting’ over the past 10 years. “My great great grandfather, Thomas Duell (importer and grower of some of the first olive trees in South Australia in the 1850’s) must surely be sitting on his little pink cloud and smiling on his descendants,” Hallett said. “However, no amount of wishing or effort can stop the march of the years and it is time to call it quits.”

“It has been wonderful. It has been very interesting times and exciting over the 10 seasons it has taken to get The Olive Press to its present viable status,” she said.

For those interested any of the above, contact Lee on 0417 899 028.