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The 2020/21 Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook has just been released, providing data on more than 75 horticultural products including fruit, nuts, vegetables, nursery, turf and cut flowers.

Published annually in February, the Handbook captures the previous financial year’s data, drawn from supply chain sources including international trade statistics and industry peak bodies. It includes information on retail and foodservice use, exports and imports, share of production by State and Territory, wholesale value and volume.

Overall figures 2020/21

The horticulture sector overall exceeded $15.2 billion in production value in 2020/21, with mixed performance across the various commodity groups. Improved seasonal conditions supported production volume growth of 1.5%.

The value of fruit was stronger than the previous year after a rise in olive production ($99 million), avocados ($56 million), cherries ($47 million) and apples ($41 million).

Victoria remains the largest driver, with 46% of total export value, while Queensland was second with 16% of export value.

Available formats

The Handbook is available in several formats:

  • online dashboard: available on laptop and desktop computers, this format provides an interface for readers to directly interact and extract data at the product category level;
  • mobile phone: providing the same functionality as the online dashboard;
  • hardcopy: the original format of the handbook continues to be available as four downloadable PDF documents, covering respectively Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts and Other.

Find out more and access the 2020/21 Handbook here.