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The 2022-2026 industry Strategic Investment Plans (SIPs) will provide the roadmaps to guide Hort Innovation’s investment of levies and Australian Government contributions, ensuring investment decisions are aligned with industry priorities.

Over the past 12 months, Hort Innovation has continued to engage with growers and industry stakeholders to develop a refreshed SIP for each industry within the horticulture sector. The draft SIPs are currently being developed using data and insights, as well as stakeholder inputs.

Each industry-specific SIP will lay the foundation for decision making in levy investments, representing a balanced view of stakeholders from within the industry. This will help Hort Innovation prioritise and implement R&D and marketing programs, which will be further detailed in the Annual Investment Plans (AIPs).

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The draft SIPs for all levied industries will be available online for broad feedback and validation for the period of 21 May-4 June 2021. Once uploaded to the Hort Innovation website, there will be an opportunity to review and comment on the drafts via an online feedback form or via the relevant Hort Innovation Industry Strategic Partner.

Final SIP documents will be published on the Hort Innovation website from July 2021.

To find out more, head to the Hort Innovation SIP Refresh page here where you’ll find links to the current SIPs (2017-2021) and contact details for each of the Industry Strategic Partners.