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The Soil Wealth Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) project continues to produce a wealth of valuable information and instructive resources for growers – and while the project is predominantly focussed on the vegetable industry, many of the outcomes are just as relevant to other industries.

Like one of the most recent, a poster setting out five easy steps to correct spray rig calibration. Yes, that easy-to-forget job … when was the last time you checked your spray rig?

Correct calibration can save you time, money and increase the effective application of expensive chemicals. It also reduces the risk to the environment and your staff from overspray, making it a crucial part of your regular equipment maintenance schedule.

The downloadable poster from the Soil Wealth ICP project serves as an important reminder for you and your employees both to carry out a re-calibration, and also how to do it.  Display one in the chemical storage area on your farm and another in the spray rig shed, to ensure everyone’s up to speed.

Download the poster here, print a couple of copies out and get them up today.

Then get out your spray rig and get calibrating!