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Organic amendments are mostly applied at pre-planting of cash or cover crops, and always contain carbon and all major nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and potassium.

In December, the Soil Wealth ICP project updated a global scan and review on organic soil amendments, providing reliable research-based information from leading sources around the world.

This resource explains more about what organic soil amendments are, why and how to use them, the effects on soils and crops and other specific considerations.

Further research, development and extension needs are also identified for future guidance.

Attendance at, and feedback from, the recent AOA Healthy Soils Field Days presentations shows that olive growers are keen to improve their groves literally from the ground up, so this is another great resource for the grove management library.

Access the Organic Soil Amendments scan and review document here.

This resource was produced by the Hort Innovation-funded Soil Wealth and ICP project, jointly delivered by RM Consulting Group and Applied Horticultural Research.