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The Australian, state and territory governments, through the National Biosecurity Committee, are developing a national biosecurity strategy with key partners to provide a strategic direction for the Australian biosecurity system through to 2030.

The national strategy will seek to align our collective efforts towards a common purpose and provide a clear commitment to prioritised action and investment. This will ensure Australia’s biosecurity system remains fit to meet the challenges of the next decade.

The initial phase of consultation on the strategy concluded in late November, with stakeholder views and feedback obtained on the priorities and focus areas for a national biosecurity strategy. That feedback is now being used to inform the development of the national biosecurity strategy’s consultation draft.

The consultation draft is scheduled to be released for comment in January 2022, with the period for comment closing in February 2022. The timeframe for release of the final strategy is yet to be confirmed.

How to be involved

You can register your interest to receive updates on the national biosecurity strategy and information about upcoming engagement opportunities as part of the next phase of the strategy’s development.

Find out more and register here.