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Each year Hort Innovation conducts its Grower and Partner Survey, as an important instrument to support the company’s aim for continuous operational improvement. The insights provided help shape the work it does, the goals it sets and the decisions it makes.

In particular, the Grower and Partner Survey 2023 was designed to measure critical KPIs of the Hort Innovation Strategy 2024-2026, measure the overall ‘relationship health’ Hort Innovation has with its cohorts, and collect insights to understand how Hort Innovation can improve over time.

In August and September 2023, feedback was invited from Hort’s major stakeholder cohorts – growers (including both members and non-members), peak industry bodies (PIBs) and delivery partners – on engagement with the horticulture sector, and the outcomes being delivered.

The results indicated positive progress in delivery partner and PIB engagement, with clear areas for improvement in the engagement of growers.

Read the survey results here.