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Hort Innovation has released the Australian-grown Horticulture Sustainability Framework, a guide to help the horticulture sector share its sustainable, ethical, and safe farming practices with stakeholders.

The initiative aims to help the industry share their sustainability credentials and stories, as consumers and investors increasingly ask for evidence of ethical and sustainable practises from their food producers.

This is a national project developed over more than 12 months and presents an opportunity for growers to take an active role in leading the sustainability narrative across horticulture.

A report is being prepared as part of the project, gathering data to measure horticulture’s progress towards the goals and indicators mapped out in the Framework. This information may help Hort Innovation and the industry understand and prepare for emerging sustainability reporting needs and actions.

The Update on Emerging Policy and Market Drivers Discussion Paper is available here and feedback is welcome. Please email your comments to Ingrid Roth at by January 31.

The final report will also include examples from across the industry that illustrate horticulture’s sustainability story. If you have any data, case studies or images to contribute, please get in touch with Ingrid.

You can find out more about the Australian-grown Horticulture Sustainability Framework, and download the guide, here.